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November 2012


Porterbrook to fund 40 additional Electrostar carriages for Southern

Following the recent announcement that Porterbrook had been confirmed as the preferred supplier by Southern to provide capital funding for 130 new Electrostar vehicles, as provided under a contract between Southern and Bombardier Transportation UK entered into last December, today Southern announced that, with the approval of the Department for Transport, it intends to exercise the existing option for an additional 40 new Electrostar carriages. As preferred supplier Porterbrook will be providing funding for these additional carriages.

October 2012


Porterbrook Signs £1M contract with LNWR for repaint of Class 150/2s

Porterbrook Leasing has signed a contract with LNWR to repaint 72 Class 150/2 vehicles operated by Arriva Trains Wales, valued at £1M.

The first unit entered works on 15 October 2012 at LNWR's depot in Crewe as part of the scheduled heavy maintenance programme. The contract is due to be completed by May 2014.

LNWR, part of the Arriva group, is a leading maintenance and servicing provider with 5 depots across the UK. Following substantial investment in developing heavy maintenance work the company is in a position to compete for future overhaul and refurbishment work. This is the first contract Porterbrook has placed with LNWR.


Porterbrook Announced as Preffered Supplier for Capital Funding

Porterbrook Leasing has been announced as preferred supplier by Southern to provide capital funding for the new Electrostar vehicles as provided under contract between Southern and Bombardier Transportation UK entered into last December.

The initial rolling stock order is worth £200m for 130 vehicles but the contract and financing includes options for up to 40 additional vehicles.

Southern Finance & Contracts Director Bob Mayne said: “We’re delighted to announce Porterbrook Leasing as our preferred supplier. Following a competitive procurement process, we found that its bid met our criteria and we look forward to working with them to deliver the new trains which will enable us to provide extra capacity for so many of our passengers.”

Paul Francis Managing Director of Porterbrook commented: “We expect to complete the purchase of these new trains in the next few weeks which will operate with the other 792 Electrostar vehicles we have on lease with Southern. We hope that this is only the start of ongoing investment opportunities in new and existing rolling stock over the coming years as franchises are re-let.”

The production of the new trains has already begun and is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.
The vehicles will be classed 377/6 and configured as 5 car units.

September 2012


Porterbrook signs agreement for Overhaul of Class 455 units

Porterbrook Leasing Company Ltd (Porterbrook) has signed a contract with Stagecoach South West (SSW) for the C6 overhaul of the 91 four-Car Class 455 electrical multiple units (EMUs) operated by SSW which will commence in November 2012.

The South West Trains Class 455 EMUs went through a major refurbishment between 2004 and 2007 at Bombardier's site in Chart Leacon which completely transformed the trains. The interior layout was redesigned by Atlantic Design in conjunction with SSW and passenger focus groups, delivering a product which many customers believed to be a brand new train. The innovative interior design was based around maximising the capacity of the units without compromising passenger flow and comfort. The lighting systems of the saloons were also redesigned to provide a much brighter environment and a passenger information system was also installed. As well as a redesigned interior the bodywork also had a full overhaul, the vehicles were sand blasted back to bare metal and any corrosion found was replaced with new metal, this effectively returned the vehicle bodies to as new condition. The vehicles were then finally finished in the iconic red two-pack paint livery they have today. Significant investment was also made in reliability improvements; this is reflected in their current performance which is top of the midlife EMU league table, with almost double the miles between technical incidents of its nearest competitor.

The units still look bright and fresh today but with a programmed C6 exam due and the advent of ‘Passengers of Reduced Mobility - Technical Specification for Interoperability' (PRMTSI) compliance, it is time for the 455s to go back into works to be enhanced further for their continued operation.

SSW will be undertaking the C6 overhaul at their Bournemouth facility. The total project cost is circa £23m and the base scope includes a full exterior repaint in two-pack paint, a major overhaul of the passenger and crew door systems and a heavy clean of the interior. In addition Porterbrook are extending the scope to include any outstanding work needed to make the Class 455 units PRM TSI compliant, ahead of the 2020 deadline.

The vehicles are already largely compliant due to previous modifications and refurbishment work but the additional work required for PRM TSI compliance is as follows:

  • Fitment of compliant external door sounders
  • Internal door handles will be changed to a compliant design
  • Call for aid button will be fitted at both wheelchair positions
  • Wheelchair ramps will be provided.

The first unit is due on works in November 2012 and the last unit is expected to be completed in November 2016.

Paul Francis, Managing Director for Porterbrook said “We are very proud of what we and SSW have done with the Class 455s and we are keen to continue investing in this fleet which has not only improved in reliability but continues to provide a better journey experience for passengers. This will be enhanced still further by the inclusion of the PRMTSI modifications”

July 2012


Porterbrook Leasing order new on-train CCTV for Electrostar Units

Porterbrook Leasing has awarded a major contract to Rail & Road Protec GmbH (R2P) to provide on-train CCTV systems for 184 Electrostar vehicles.

R2P will be supplying and installing the new saloon, forward facing and pantograph cameras, including the Live View facility for the train operator to view the live footage from the trains whilst in service.

The fleet is due to be fitted by 27 th July in time for the Olympics and will give an increased level of safety and security for passengers and staff during the Games.

June 2012


South West Trains has signed an agreement with Porterbrook to take on lease 24 2-car Class 456 Electrical Multiple Units (EMUs)

The Class 456 units are currently operating with the Southern franchise and will transfer to South West Trains in January 2014. They will then undergo a high quality refurbishment costing over £10m which will include making the interiors similar in appearance to the class 455 units already operating with South West Trains.

The Class 456 and 455 units will operate in multiple and the introduction of these extra carriages will mean five, six and eight car trains can be lengthened to run as eight, nine, 10 and 12-car services. These new trains will deliver a significant increase in capacity on one of Europe's busiest networks.

This is the second phase of a capacity enhancement programme that will see the introduction of a total of 108 additional carriages on the South West Trains network between May 2013 and December 2014. Phase 1, which was announced in December 2011, will deliver an additional 60 carriages through the refurbishment of former Gatwick Express Class 460 Juniper vehicles, combined with refurbished trains from South West Trains fleet.

The refurbishment work will be undertaken by Railcare Ltd at their facility in Wolverton near Milton Keynes.

April 2012


Porterbrook has reached an agreement with Direct Rail Services for the lease of three Class 57 locomotives

Direct Rail Services specialises in hauling freight for a range of customers throughout the country. Due to continued market growth they sought to lease an additional three Class 57 locomotives, numbers 57302, 57304 and 57309 which were handed back from Virgin Trains at the end of March 2012, to complement their existing Class 57 fleet. They will be on lease until 2015.

January 2012


Porterbrook signs agreement for the future of Class 458s

Porterbrook Leasing has signed a contract with Stagecoach South West (SSW) to reconfigure the Class 458 fleet into 5-car units and to create 6 additional units by incorporating equipment from the Class 460 fleet which was previously used on the Gatwick Express services. The new fleet of 36 5-car units will be known as Class 458/5.

This new fleet of trains will form part of the rolling stock element of SSW HLOS solution and will deliver 10-car services on certain routes. The modification work has been contracted to Alstom who in turn will use Wabtec Rail to undertake the physical work. The total cost of the project will be almost £42m and the new 5-car units will enter service starting in the spring of 2013 and will take approximately 1 year to complete. Only 4 of the original Class 460 vehicles will remain unused however spares recovered from these vehicles will be used to support the new fleet.

Commenting on the contract, Paul Francis, Managing Director said “the deal on Class 458/5 clearly demonstrates the important role of rolling stock lessors in providing flexible commercial and engineering solutions to rolling stock provision alongside the purchase of new trains. In this case Porterbrook is investing £42m to deliver an important HLOS commitment for our customer SSW. This increased rolling stock capacity will be delivered with only three years remaining of the franchise but Porterbrook can underwrite this long term investment.”

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