Social Policies


The safety policy of the Porterbrook Group is to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees and to provide appropriate training as needed to enable the fulfilment of these aims.

As a provider and maintainer of vehicles and other equipment for operation in the transport sector, we fully recognise the extent of our responsibilities to all those people who may be affected by our business activities, and therefore have arrangements in place for the effective discharge of our obligations for the provision of safe vehicles and equipment.

Porterbrook supplies trains and other equipment for use in the operational railway. It exercises due diligence in the supply of these products, monitors safety performance in service and, in appropriate cases, advises customers or suppliers of relevant safety issues.

Porterbrook supports its customers by understanding applicable safety standards and co-operating with those customers in providing information where this is relevant to the operation of the asset. Information exchange on relevant safety matters also takes place with Porterbrook’s suppliers. Porterbrook procures its goods and services via contracts and these contracts are fundamental to the way in which safety is delivered.

The elements of this approach that assure the delivery of safety are:


Porterbrook is committed to maintaining and improving the environment by using and specifying products and technologies that are sustainable in the long term.

To fulfil its sustainable and environmental objectives, Porterbrook will concentrate its efforts to ensure that in its business activities it seeks to:


Porterbrook is an equal opportunities employer; the company recognises employing people from diverse backgrounds adds value to the way Porterbrook does business.

Selection and promotion is based on the relevant aptitudes, abilities and skills to do the job. Porterbrook values its employees and invests in training, provided via the in-house company trainer or on externally led courses. Training is available to all, based on assessments of personal development and business competency needs.

Porterbrook seeks to communicate regularly with its employees. In addition to informal daily interactions Porterbrook also holds quarterly staff forums.

Porterbrook recognises the need for work/life balance and offers a range of flexible working and leave options.