Porterbrook’s vision is to lead the way in creating a technologically advanced railway which can unlock and realise the vast potential of currently under used or siloed rail data

This objective clearly aligns Porterbrook with the Department for Transport’s Joint Rail Data Action Plan.

Through the combination of rail engineering excellence and in-house data expertise, Porterbrook is ideally placed to deliver actionable improvements for our customers and UK rail, driving practical value from data.

By drawing on the latest advances in big data, artificial intelligence and data analytics, underpinned by an infinitely scalable and flexible platform, we are working to:

  • Enhance the performance and reliability of our assets
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs and extend maintenance periodicities
  • Provide greater asset visibility for our customers
  • Support Network Rail’s infrastructure monitoring programme

Working closely with our customers, we can provide a flexible system to answer complex queries and build and maintain data science platforms.

The result is a hardware and manufacturer agnostic system, delivering genuine value to our customers through reliable analytics.