Safety Report

John Dynam



The purpose of this report is to update the Board on key safety matters

Safety KPIs


NIRs and PIRs


The MAA of the average age of NIRs and PIRs has reduced slightly from 8.05 months reported at the March Board meeting to 7.86 months at the end of April. This is against a 2019 target of 7.5 months. The in-month average age in March fell to 7.43 months following the closure of a significantly aged NIR in the period. The value increased slightly in April but remains below the MAA target


The close out of older NIRs continues to be monitored at Safety Committee


External audit CARs


The monthly average age of open external audit CARs increased by the end of April to 6.16 months, continuing an upward trend since February. The MAA continued to trend upwards to 5.06 months by end of April as several older CARs remain open. This is above the target of 4.5 months set for 2019


The CAR escalation process has been reviewed and updated and agreed escalation actions are in hand. An action plan to prioritise the closure of older CARs will be presented at the May Safety Committee meeting

Overdue heavy maintenance


Mileage Based Maintenance


Porterbrook monitors cumulative mileage on passenger vehicles to ensure mileage-based maintenance events are undertaken within allowed limits. Planned extensions are managed to support service operation or maintenance lifecycle optimisation


There is currently a total of 96 vehicles with mileages above a maintenance event mileage threshold, all are within a controlled management regime

  • There is 1 vehicle stood down awaiting heavy maintenance
  • There are 16 vehicles with temporary mileage extensions to allow ongoing service operation at the customer’s request. Appropriate technical and operational controls are in place to manage these temporary extensions
  • There are 79 vehicles under controlled mileage extensions as part of maintenance lifecycle optimisation work

Appendix A contains a summary of the overdue maintenance trends by category

Significant national incident reports (NIRs) (scored over 80)


There are 7 open NIRs scored over 80. These continue to be actively managed to closure as a priority and progress is being monitored at Safety Committee. No new NIRs scored over 80 have been raised since the March Board meeting


The following NIR updates are included for information


NIR 3432 – Cl170 Bearing Failure Leading to Fire

  • Cl170 Turbostar bearing failure risk controls are being actively managed. A bearing modification programme is progressing at C4 overhaul and Turbostar operators are monitoring bearing condition via sensors and riding inspectors. Porterbrook is continuing to liaise with TOCs on monitoring arrangements
  • Electros tar bearing monitoring arrangements are under review with GTR. Porterbrook is supporting GTR with the trial of new monitoring sensors

NIR 3526 – Cl156 Modified Elite/KL Heat and Vent Unit – Intake Filter Fire

  • A new filter with improved fire performance has been identified. Porterbrook will make new filters available to TOCs from June

NIR 3528 – Cl170 Turbostar Gangway Bridge Plate Failure

  • Cl170 gangways remain under regular inspection and a modification to reduce failures is being implemented by the TOCs. Hubner UK has confirmed that all new gangway material is being manufactured and supplied to an improved design as of the start of 2019. A gangway bridge plate strategy for Electrostar fleets is being developed with GTR with a target of early Q3 for agreement

NIR 3535 Cl455 AC traction pinion gear detached in service

  • A second fleet check is ongoing and pinion gear fixings are being adjusted as part of the work. A programme is being developed to refit the pinion gears and will be issued in Q3 after scope and unit availability have been confirmed