Stock Overview

Passenger Rolling Stock

Porterbrook provides train operating companies with modern rolling stock. Passengers can therefore benefit from comfortable services and the latest technology and operators can be assured of high standards of reliability and performance from their fleets.

Porterbrook’s focus to invest in common product lines, such as the Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU)s and Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)s derives from the forecasted need for such rolling stock in the years to come. This focus has allowed us to develop a deep expertise but also to optimise the performance of the stock.

Porterbrook’s culture is of being highly proactive and pioneering, as evidenced by the purchase of the first new passenger trains in the UK post-privatisation and subsequent award of the largest single order of new vehicles with the purchase of 700 Class 377 Electrostar vehicles.

As well as investing in new trains, Porterbrook finances the refurbishment and upgrading of existing stock to modern standards and has already invested more than £300 million in this process, as a result enhanced passenger comfort and safety creates the effect of new trains thereby extending the operational life of the vehicles.

To date Porterbrook has invested in 2,300 new passenger vehicles for UK rail industry.

Freight Rolling Stock

Originally established to operate in the rail passenger market, Porterbrook also expanded into rail freight which clearly needed investment to modernise its ageing fleet. Porterbrook undertook a purchase and leaseback arrangement on a freight fleet of 345 wagons and 70 locomotives. Working with the principal freight operating companies, Porterbrook currently owns over 1500 wagons and 74 locomotives.