About Us

Porterbrook Leasing Company specialises in the leasing of all types of railway rolling stock and associated equipment.

By providing freight and train operating companies with modern rolling stock they can be assured of high standards of reliability and performance from their fleets. Passengers can also benefit from comfortable services and the latest technology.

With many new operators now active in the UK Rail market, different perspectives to service provision have emerged. Whether operators are seeking a fleet that is provided to them service-ready each day, or whether they prefer to retain in-house responsibility for daily maintenance, Porterbrook offers a range of lease options to suit the full spectrum of requirements. This support extends to third party suppliers, and, Porterbrook has developed strong relationships with material suppliers to manage commercial aspects on behalf of its customers. Similarly, if engineering modifications are required, Porterbrook is ideally placed to implement improvements. Porterbrook’s Business Philosophy is to offer a full range of Rolling Stock Leasing Products tailored to meet its customer’s particular needs. The Company also has a genuine commitment to play its part in the development of a safe, efficient and reliable UK Railway Network.

In April 1994, Porterbrook Leasing Company Limited (Porterbrook) bought approximately one third of British Rail’s rolling stock with leases in place with the newly created passenger train operators.

Following a Management and Employee buyout in January 1996 Porterbrook was sold to Stagecoach in August of the same year. In April 2000 Porterbrook was then bought by Abbey National Treasury Services and in December 2008 was sold to a consortium of investors.

In October 2014 the Porterbrook Group of companies was acquired by a consortium of investors including Alberta Investment Management Corporation (“AIMCo”), Allianz Capital Partners (“ACP”) on behalf of certain insurance companies of the Allianz Group, EDF Invest and Hastings Funds Management.

Porterbrook’s investment to date in the UK rail markets totals to £2.7 billion in new trains and over £300 million on existing fleet refurbishment, resulting in:

Porterbrook’s aim in the coming years is to not only continue with investment in new trains and associated equipment for the UK rail industry but to also improve reliability, availability, maintainability and safety characteristics by working closely with the freight operators, train operators and suppliers to identify opportunities.