Our mission is to deliver high quality, safe rolling stock solutions that enable our customers to keep the UK moving every day

Since 1996, our investments have totalled over £3bn, including the commissioning of over 2,500 new passenger and freight vehicles. We plan to invest upwards of £1bn into UK rail over the next five years to deliver high quality new and refurbished vehicles for passengers and freight customers.

But financing new trains is not the end-game. Our asset stewardship role includes management of assets to ensure performance, safety and long-term suitability over their full economic life.

Our vision is to be the UK's market leading provider of rail leasing and asset management support


We are looking to invest upwards of £1bn of new capital in UK rail over the next five years

Our sustainable investment policy is designed to tackle the Government’s decarbonisation challenge. We are investing in innovation and new technology such as battery and hydrogen power to help reduce emissions, boost capacity and improve reliability on the network.