Our Services

We have invested over £3 million to modernise and enhance the facilities at Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre, which include a 3.5km test track loop, high quality office and conference spaces, rolling stock storage and a training centre


With over 150km of sidings and 24-hour site security, Long Marston can support owners and operators manage rolling stock of all types. The site is accessible by rail via Honeybourne and is close to the M40 for road deliveries. With all types of storage options we can ensure trains are kept safe and ready for a return to service

Our storage options can be combined with other support services and we are always happy to discuss solutions which best meet customer needs


Long Marston has a long history of supporting the delivery and introduction of new trains and technology on to the railway. Our ground-breaking HydroFLEX, the world’s first tri-mode battery, electric and hydrogen train, was extensively tested at Long Marston before being presented at the COP26 environment summit in Glasgow

The site’s test loop is now subject to a major upgrade with new track, enhanced turn-outs and a higher top speed. Contact us for more information about how we can support your projects


Our operations team has a wealth of experience to help plan and manage your assets and project development. It has been integral to major events, such as rail at COP26 and Rail Live, working with key players across the industry to showcase plant and stock for those occasions. They are always available for advice and support for our customers

Asset Management Facility

A new feature of the site is the Asset Management Facility (AMF), a fully enclosed space with heating, lighting, power and plenty of space for staff and equipment.

The AMF has 3 lines and can house a 3-car set. Contact us for further information on how this can support your business

Enterprise Quarter

Situated around a courtyard our Enterprise Quarter offers secure and private offices for project teams. The bespoke, high-quality units have been constructed to house small break-out or ancillary teams who would benefit from the ability to work together on a live rail site with access to stock and equipment

We are currently taking bookings for the Enterprise Quarter and would be happy to discuss options with you

Training Centre

The site’s training centre is situated centrally next to an overhead-equipped section of track. This purpose-built office is designed to host training courses with a large meeting room (complete with AV) and break-out/coffee area


Our recently refreshed marquee is well-known from hosting Rail Live over the years. As a venue it is well suited for events or larger corporate sessions, with space that can comfortably hold over 200 people

For more information on how to play a part in the future of the Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre, please email Alice Gillman.