As owners of a quarter of Britain’s rolling stock, we believe we have a leading role to play in delivering a cleaner and more reliable railway

Investing in innovation

Our sustainable investment policy supports the UK government’s legal commitment to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. We are working proactively to improve air quality and reduce the carbon footprint of our portfolio through both asset renewable and upgrade

In collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we are developing rolling stock retrofit options, exploring the use of more sustainable alternatives to diesel and accelerating the deployment of zero-emission, self-powered solutions such as hydrogen trains

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Digital technology supporting a more sustainable railway

We believe that digital technologies have the potential to deliver game changing operational efficiencies, energy savings and reduced waste.

Our digital teams have worked alongside Network Rail to develop track monitoring of adhesion data. This helps our client identify sections of tracks affected by leaf-fall, prioritise treatment and improve network reliability. As the railway prepares for more frequent and severe weather events, digital can help better integrate track and train and maintain high levels of safety and performance.

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Decommissioning of life-expired trains

We manage the responsible decommissioning of life-expired trains. By working with community and heritage groups we can often ensure that these former front-line assets enjoy a second lease of life in their retirement. Where this is not possible, redundant vehicles are placed with specialist contractors who manage their safe dismantling, with parts and materials redeployed and recycled where possible.

Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre

We are committed to maintaining and improving biodiversity at Long Marston. Ecological management plans are in place to ensure the site is effectively maintained as we work with local organisations to enhance habitats. The site offers opportunities to develop and test nature-based solution for deployment on the wider rail estate, helping protect natural ecosystems and improve climate resilience.

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