Porterbrook is the market-leading provider of rail leasing and asset management support

Porterbrook’s asset management model optimises availability, operating performance and condition of assets over their full economic life, minimising residual value and re-leasing risk by keeping the vehicle portfolio modern and flexible. As a result, Porterbrook has consistently demonstrated extremely high fleet utilisation rates, averaging over 99% since privatisation.

Since Porterbrook was established in 1994, the company has developed strong relationships within the financing community; this has resulted in a diversified debt portfolio spanning global debt capital markets, private placements and traditional bank finance. As we plan to invest over £1bn in UK rolling stock in the coming years, there will be substantial opportunity for financing partners to support the growth in our business and benefit from consistent and sustainable returns.

Our diverse portfolio consists of around 4,000 vehicles with a Net Book Value of £1,864m as at December 2021, with 97% of fleet rentals derived from passenger fleet

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