At Porterbrook, we don’t just talk about innovation. It’s a key element of Porterbrook’s whole life asset management approach, delivering long-term, sustainable value to our customers by reducing operating and maintenance costs, improving performance and increasing passenger amenities

We are continually looking ahead to predict future needs and proactively develop our rolling stock assets. By keeping up to date with industry trends, emerging technology and changes in government policy and social expectations, Porterbrook works to deliver improvements for customers and passengers that add tangible value.

Within the UK rolling stock environment, Porterbrook is at the forefront of innovation, with an ongoing programme of investment in the future. Our dedicated team has a wealth of rail engineering expertise and project delivery experience; we use those skills and knowledge to work in partnership with customers and the railway supply chain to support decarbonisation, reduce energy consumption and create a better passenger environment.

Examples of some of our recent successes in leading and delivering innovation are:

Creating a 1GB digital backbone on many of our fleets
allowing our customers to simply connect WiFi, CCTV, information displays and many other technologies at lower whole system cost.

Improving safety and reducing cost
by retrofitting a new wheel slide protection system to our Class 15X fleets

Making our trains more accessible
through a range of improvements, including new wheelchair spaces and toilets, for PRM-TSI compliance

Creating a new bi-mode fleet of Class 769 units
which can operate in both diesel and electric mode, giving our customers opportunities to develop new service patterns