We offer our customers a range of embedded support packages to help improve fleet reliability

A Porterbrook Partnership is an evolution on traditional lease types (dry, soggy, wet). Under a partnership lease we will deliver additional services which can be bolted on to existing leases and which can grow over time.

Typical services include Level 1-4 maintenance, heavy maintenance, digital services, engineering services, embedded support, maintenance optimisation, match funding and the taking of performance risk.

We now have five partnership leases in place with a range of Train Operating Companies. The first was our Class 170 lease with Northern, where together we improved reliability to such an extent that the fleet won a 2019 Golden Spanner.

Our most recent partnership is with South Western Railway on our Class 458 fleet, where we have agreed to take on responsibility for the performance of these trains and support South Western Railway as they transform South Coast and long-distance services.