Historic HST power cars donated to 125 Group

Porterbrook today confirmed that celebrity HST power cars 43048 and 43089 are being donated to the 125 Group.

Power car 43048 ‘TCB Miller MBE’ is named after former BR Chief Engineer (Traction and Rolling Stock) Terry Miller. Terry was the genius behind the 125 mph High Speed Trains that revolutionised InterCity rail travel in the 1970s and 80s.

Power car 43089 was used to power Europe’s first hybrid high speed train in 2007 when it was fitted with a Hitachi battery-assisted diesel-electric traction drive. Named ‘Hayabusa’ the locomotive was used to power Network Rail’s innovative New Measurement Train, which plays a key role in assuring the safety of Britain’s railway. Following the successful hybrid trail the locomotive was repowered with a Valenta engine and returned to frontline passenger service.

Stephen McGurk, Porterbrook’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with the 125 Group. These iconic power cars represent the very best of British rolling stock engineering and it is right that they should be given a new home that secures their long term future. We are particularly pleased that these two production power cars will be able to replace the prototype that is returning to the NRM.”

Both locomotives are currently in service with East Midlands Railway and will be handed over to the 125 Group once they complete their mainline service in early 2020.

125 Group was founded in 1994 with the aim of preserving a working Inter-City 125 for future generations.