One Year at Long Marston

Today marks one year since Porterbrook took over Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre.

Over the last 12 months we have invested over £3 million to modernise and enhance the facilities at the site, which include a 3.5km test track loop, high quality office and conference spaces, rolling stock storage and a training centre. A third of this investment has been with local businesses in Warwickshire.

Long Marston offers both passenger and freight operators the space to test in a live environment, connected to the mainline and supported by an experienced workforce. The site is an invaluable asset for the railway to test and trial new traction technologies as the industry works to pursue financial sustainability, promote efficiency and meet its decarbonisation targets.

Here is a short video showing the improvements that have been made to the site since last June.

Watch our one year at Long Marston video here!