PlatformZERO welcomes visitors to Long Marston

Visitors arriving by train to Rail Live this year were greeted by the brand new PlatformZERO at Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre.

Provided to the site and designed and installed by Plura Innovations, the permanent structure is the UK’s first zero-possession platform extension system.

The modular platform, which can be used on both new build and extension projects, allows all first-phase construction work to be completed away from a live track environment, ensuring complete safety and eliminating any disruption to train operations. The unique approach to construction reduces costs and time, with a typical 40m platform extension being completed in under two weeks.

Ben Ackroyd, Chief Operating Officer at Porterbrook said: “PlatformZERO is an exciting addition to our Long Marston site, and an example of how innovative engineering across all aspects of rail infrastructure can help to reduce delays and contribute to a safer and more reliable railway.”