Supply Chain collaborate to Accelerate Delivery

Porterbrook, Siemens Mobility and Bombardier have agreed a new approach to the fitment of ETCS technology on existing Electrostar fleets.

To ensure the most cost effective and timely introduction of this capability-enhancing technology to existing fleets, train manufacturers will seek to take a more active role in fitting on-board ETCS systems to the rolling stock they originally manufactured.

The first fleet that benefited from this approach was the Heathrow Express Class 387 trains to be operated by GWR, which were built by Bombardier. All parties recognise that Bombardier are best placed to provide and fit further on-board ETCS technology to this class of trains and also to take a leading role in developing on-board ETCS technology, to enable planned retrofitting of digital signalling equipment to the wider Electrostar fleet.

Similarly, Siemens Mobility will look to take an active role in fitting on-board ETCS equipment on the fleets which they originally manufactured, ensuring effective systems integration, minimum re-engineering downtime and maximum fleet reliability.

Stephen McGurk, Porterbrook’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “This is an excellent example of collaboration and partnership across the supply chain, where OEMs are putting the good of the industry and passengers ahead of short-term commercial gain. This will help speed-up fleet fitment and reduce contractual interfaces around integration.”